Grandmaster William Cheung Style Wing Chun Style Point Fighting Featuring Sifu Anthony Arnett


Learn how to modify tradtional Wing Chun Fighting Techniques for use in Open Martial Arts Tournaments

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This DVD will introduce you to the wide world of Sport Karate Tournaments. Discussed are procedures, principles, policies and rules & regulations. Techniques are taught which will help you win on the open tournament circuit no matter what style of Kung Fu you practice. “Cheung Style” Sport Kung Fu A new style of Tournament fighting and forms from the teachings of the old Shaolin Temple. Mr. Anthony Arnett has been personally taught by Grand Master William Cheung for over 15 years and is considered to be Grand Master William Cheung’s top fighter in the U.S. All of this experience has led Mr. Arnett to name this style of tournament fighting and forms in dedication to his teacher. “CHEUNG STYLE” is fast and furious with no boundaries or restrictions. Also “CHEUNG STYLE” is not afraid to explore the realm of creativity. All styles have punches, kicks and takedowns, but “CHEUNG STYLE” has a unique blend that seems to defy gravity and reason. With this style you can surprise your opponent with a fresh new approach to open tournament fighting. Most styles fit the student to it’s structure, “CHEUNG STYLE” fits the structure to the student.

Here are few examples of what is covered on this Instructional Video:

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