2005 Vol. 10 Best of Demonstration Teams


Two (2) hours of Demo teams from all over the world


Almost two hours of the Top performers from around the globe showing what makes them the best of the best. The New England Open, Sync Forms with Team Straight Up with Ryan Wells & Chris Walker, JPM Extreme with Daniel Sterling & Matt Emig, JPM International with Casey Marks-Nash & Lauren Kearney. Also included are highlights from the eliminations. The Bluegrass Nationals al demo by Samantha Smith. Pro Rank in Sync forms and Team Martial Arts Springdale, Team CLK in Demo Team Finals. At the Capitol Classics we have The Untouchables in Sync Forms. A Self Defense Demo & The MAC Live Demo Team, Wu Shu Forms and Weapons Demos. Demo Team, School of Martial Science & K.I.C.K. Team. The Battle of Atlanta includes Sync Forms by Team Go Pai Sho, Team BLAM & Team Straight Up. Demo Teams with Team Elite Martial Arts. Also are elimination highlights. The final event is the Pan American Internationals with a MMA demo by Manny Reyes, Jr. vs Christian Mangenelli. Sync Forms includes Team Straight Up with Marc Canonizado and Sammy Vasquez against Tall Guys with Sticks. Demo Teams feature Team Pepsi & K.I.C.K. Team. Also included are elimination highlights.

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