2001 Volume 6 The Best Of Tournament Fighting – Sparring


Two hours of nothing but knockouts, knock downs and awesome techniques.


2 hours of nothing but knock outs, knock downs and awesome techniques. All footage is from National and International Karate Championship. Included on this video are: Dottie White vs Claire Cocozza, Mike Pombeiro vs Jason Tankson Bourelly, Raymond Daniels vs Ben Stewart, Ronald Brady vs Jason Tankson Bourelly, Jadi Tention vs Ninja, Uechi-Ryu Heavyweight Kumite (Full Contact), Miami Vice vs Straight Up (Youth Team Fighting), Casey Marks vs Dottie White, Nicco vs Jared Styles (Youth Fighting), Cody Reese vs Nathan Windsor (Youth Fighting), Russ Taylor vs Reggie Perry, Shaun Elder vs Dean Fuenstenburg, Jason Tankson Bourelly vs Reggie Perry, Damon Gilbert vs Jason Tankson Bourelly, Team Magnum Force vs Team Paul Mitchell, Along with many other people, who knows our cameras may have caught you on tape!

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