Grand Master Bruce Chiu’s My Favorite Techniques Volume 2


“It is easier to Disarm an Unconscious Opponent that a Conscious one.” Included on Video are Crash Drill, Disarms, Slap off Drill, and Locks


Crash Drills

Weapon Moves First Body Follows

Learn How to Lift and Explode

Create Chaos in Your Opponent

With Stick and Empty Hand & Movement

Insert the Crash into the 6 Count Drill

Apply the Crash with Tapi Tapi Drill


Sweep Through Stick & Add Disarms to Your Drills

Slap Off Drill

With Stick vs Stick

Empty Hand vs Empty

And Stick vs Empty Hand

Leg Takedown Sweep with Stick

Compressed Elbow Take Downs


All locks are transitional moves

Stick vs Stick, Stick vs Empty Hand, & Left

Right Empty Hand or with Stick

All Locks with Throws

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