Dennis Kelly Chi Kung Levels 1 and 2


CHI KUNG Levels I & II are for anyone seeking alternative ways to improve metabolism, burn fat, enhance and balance other workout programs already in place.

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THE CHI KUNG Levels I and II are the official Grand Master Kelly videos using the TAI CHI U.S.A. system. CHI KUNG Levels I & II are for anyone seeking alternative ways to improve metabolism, burn fat, enhance and balance other workout programs already in place.

CHI KUNG is the ultimate exercise program to help reduce stress, sharpen focus and concentration, improve balance and increase a sense of well being. These exercises have been choreographed with music and dance like movements to resemble that of animals in nature. Coupled with guided imagery, one can experience a relaxed state and feel a sense of peace and calm immediately and can be integrated with other programs, and is a great cool down, after a strenuous workout.

Taken from the ancient art of Chi Kung, a blend of Eastern (traditional Chi Kung) and western technologies, this program aka known as the Tai Chi USA system, is a result of Grand Master Dennis Kelly’s research, and development. Use of this program has contributed to Master Kelly’s discovery of how to “MASTER the SECRETS of LIFE”, becoming a 6 time World Martial Arts Champion at age 78, and successful work with physically, mentally, emotionally fit and physically challenged people of all ages.

This DVD has a total of 20 separate movements. In order to help you get access to the  amazing benefits as quickly as possible, the videos have been organized so that you can access the 6 Quick Fixes immediately. Then you can go back and access these as needed over and over again at your discretion.

Five Element (Stress reducer on the spot, immediately)

The five element Chi Kung stress reducer is designed to reduce cortisol   (death hormone) levels to zero and raise DHEA levels (most important hormone of the immune system) from 100 to 300 %. The reason this movement is so powerful, is, the Five Element Stress reducer has Chi Channels that connect from the hands to every organ in the body and every hand position connects with a different organ in a very positive and healthy way.

Bring the Lotus to the Temple   (Raise Energy Levels)

 Bring the Lotus to the temple is designed to raise energy levels on a cellular level like no other Chi Kung movement. The Lotus is the sacred flower of Asia. These movements will improve energy levels in the cells by stimulating the cells to detoxify and release strong antioxidants a thousand times stronger than vitamin C and E.

Centering (Improve Focus, Concentration, on the spot immediately)

 Centering is designed to improve focus, concentration short term memory and peripheral vision. Centering also relaxes the largest nerve in the body, the Vegas nerve. The Vegas nerve runs from the top of the head all the way to the abdominal area. When the Vegas nerve is relaxed, it affects the entire nervous system in a very positive way flooding the body with all sorts of good hormones.

The Press (Improve Upper Body Strength, Flexibility, Reduce tension)

 The Press has been known to improve upper body strength, flexibility, reduction of tension to the shoulders and neck area resulting in more blood   flowing to the brain that could also help in focusing, mental acuity, short term memory and preventing migraine headaches

The Wave (Develop a higher state of consciousness)

 The Wave is a very spiritual movement connecting the earth with the heavens and allowing the participant to easily get into a state of serenity, with practice over time. In this state the participant will be able to  tap into the world of all infinite possibilities, the super consciousness, where most great ideas have been given birth.

 Moving the Chi    (The Internal  “Master” Massage)

 The special design of these hand movements enable the participant to use the hands as scanners, scanning all the internal organs looking for things that need fixing, sending a special chi energy to help in the healing process

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