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Cane Conditioning & Heavy Bag work, Double Cane Maneuverability Drills, Hand-to-Hand Translations of the Cane Applications, Cane versus stick, knife and gun with hand-to hand translations, Cane Sparring and much more!!! Bonus for download is an interview with Joe Robaina

DVD #1: Power Foundations & Cane Conditioning Learn the training and conditioning methods that will develop your speed, power and accuracy with the cane. Includes cane maneuverability drills including double cane drills so you’re equally effective with either hand. Contains the “heart & soul” of the system – The Five Basic Power Shots that will allow you to become a devastating cane wielder in just 30 minutes! Learn the first form of the system, “The Power Shot Kata”. A short and sweet form that will make you brutally effective against most attacks.

DVD #2: Snap, Crackle, & Pop: Defenses Against Grabs & Holds Learn how to break any grab or hold and apply devastating cane joint locks that will leave your attacker begging for mercy. Includes the trademark hand-to hand translations for times you don’t have your cane with you. You’ll also learn the 12 strike/defend zones with hand-to-hand translations so you’re always prepared to defend/counter from any angle. Learn Form #2 which contains more practical self defense applications.

DVD #3: Smashes, Thrashes & Hits: Defenses Against Strikes and Kicks Here you’ll learn how to deal with all kinds of punches including “sucker punches” and attacks from behind. Of course, you’ll learn the hand-to-hand translations of the same cane applications to make your repertoire complete. Robaina’s speed and precise flow will motivate you to pick up your cane and want to train! Contains Form #3 which features cane clearing to keep multiple attackers at bay and a unique cane strangulation hold.

DVD #4: Slam’em!: Cane Throws For The Street (PLUS.. Bonus Interview) Robaina Dedicated This One To GCM Mark Shuey Sr. and the CMIA. Robaina covers this close range aspect of cane self defense like no one can. These rare, (some never seen before) throws are not the high flying, acrobatic cane throws associated with some martial arts. These throws are dynamic responses to street attacks. Ideally, you’d keep your attacker at a distance with your cane. If he somehow slips through into your “throwing range” he’ll get slammed! Robaina’s skill in this area is unmatched and will motivate you to take your cane training to new heights! Includes a Bonus interview with Joe Robaina where he covers different topics of the Cane-Do Kai!

DVD #5: Cane-Aconda: Cane Grappling Once again, Robaina breaks new ground in cane self defense with this cane grappling presentation. The last thing you want is a big guy wrapping his arms around you and taking you to the ground. Learn how to use your cane to break out of these situations and apply cane chokes, headlocks, and neck cranks that will make your opponent tap out or it’s lights out! Learn the cane “wrap around “method that renders your bigger opponent’s “bum rush” ineffective allowing you to choke him out standing! Includes ground grappling applications.

DVD #6: Flight Or Fight: Cane Versus Street Weapons Plus BONUS Cane Sparring Drills Robaina is crystal clear when he tells you if someone pulls out a knife or gun: Run! However, if you can’t avoid it, and your life is at stake, you must survive it! Learn how to use your cane to survive a knife or stick attack. Includes never before seen applications against someone who pulls a gun on you! Learn the proper mind set necessary to survive these life threatening scenarios. Never one to leave you stranded, Robaina also demonstrates empty hand defenses against these same weapons. Included as a special Bonus are Cane Sparring Drills featuring cane against cane, cane against knife, and cane versus empty hands. These drills allow you to safely test yourself in different street scenarios taking your cane training to realistic dimensions.

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