2014 Kyusho Extreme Self Defense Jack Hogan Seminar 2 DVDs


Learn cutting edge Self Defense Techniques


DVD #1:

Clay Pierson: The Bully Buster Program is an aggressive self-defense solution for children that produces fast basic self-defense skills. It has as its main benefit helping children to overcome the fear to engage a bully. When verbal judo fails, passive resistance is not working, walking away is not an option, and appointed authority can no longer keep your child safe. This system is the first self-defense program for a kid that is designed to produce ultra-fast, genuine self-defense skills specifically designed to enable a child to learn faster and more effectively than most traditional martial arts programs.

John Martini: Teaches proper ways to use traditional blocking techniques to set up your strikes. He teaches the correct way to use blocks to allow you to control your opponent and to strike with them with more effectiveness.

Soke Joe Hess: Gun Control and Disarms that are taught to law enforcement. You will the learn the proper way to disarm an opponent using the correct distancing from the front, side and rear. You will learn the three rules for safe disarming, get your body out of the line of fire, how to control the weapon and disarm safely.

Henry Kennedy: Teaches drills to learn how to attack the Attack. Learn how to use your blocks as strikes to disable your attackers weapons and then use you strikes to quickly incapacitate them. You will learn how to accomplish this from both the inside and outside positions.

DVD #2:

John Duggan: Demonstrates how to combine Kyusho techniques with Jiujitsu and Arnis to create extreme self defense joint locks, and ground control techniques to subdue even the largest of attackers.

Grandmaster Jack Hogan: Takes complicated martial arts techniques and makes them simple to use in a real world situation. His philosophy for martial arts techniques that will help you to survive an attack are it must natural for you as a martial artist to do. Do not waist motion and use both hands.

Bruce Chiu: Continues the theme of this year’s seminar on how to control your opponent. He will take the same techniques taught throughout the two days of seminars and adapt them to the stick. Included are disarms, take downs and locks using the stick and also empty handed.

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