2011 Kyusho Extreme Self Defense Jack Hogan Karate International Seminar 3 DVDs


Learn cutting edge Self Defense Techniques


DVD #1:

Ken & Cindy Onimus: Teach the basic fundamental Kata techniques to improve your self defense. These close quarter techniques will help any size person young or old, tall or short to better control their attacker If our techniques are like a pot of soup and I just add water there is not much taste, you have to add other ingredients to it. As it is with Martial Arts you add to what you already know to become better.

Young Smith: Will teach you how to read your opponents body to see their strengths and weaknesses. He teaches to learn how to use both hands with equal dexterity.

Grandmaster Lynn Carper: Teaches you how muscles will react to rubbing, hitting or touch technique, to better understand how to control your opponent in a self defense situation.

Grandmaster Henry Kennedy: Teaches practical applications of Kumite techniques using a series of progressive drills designed to help your timing in a street self defense situation. 1 hour 46 minutes in Length

DVD #2:

Grandmaster Bill Thurston: Starts off with a cardio workout using zoning that use boxing, off angle and elbow techniques. He then teaches you how to take those same moves and use them for self defense to control your opponent on the streets. These are taught empty hand and with or against weapons.

Grandmaster Mike Andrews: Will break down your Kata techniques to explain their real meaning in a self defense scenario. If can control the arm you control the man.

Master George VonWaldner: Teaches edges defense for the real world using both hard and soft styles martial art techniques. These simple but effective techniques are also taught against empty hand attacks. 1 hour 58 minutes in Length

DVD #3:

Grandmaster Jack Hogan: Takes complicated martial arts techniques and makes them simple to use in a real world situation. His philosophy for martial arts techniques that will help you to survive an attack are 1: Is it feasible to do in the real world effectively? 2: Is it Natural for you as a martial artist to do? 3: Did you waist motion? 4: Are you relaxed? 5: Does it really work? If the answer is no to any of these question then don’t use that technique. “You can hit a person more effectively if you are relaxed and it is faster too.” Jack Hogan Grandmaster. Jack Hogan, holds a 10th degree Black Belt in Ryukyu Kempo Karate and fifth degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. Hogan’s Tenth degree was awarded by a board of internationally known Masters that includes Professor Wally Jay, 10th Dan, Soke Michael DePasquale, 10th Dan, Soke Joe Hess, 10th Dan, Grandmaster John Martini, 10th Dan, Professor Bill Beach, 10th Dan, and Grandmaster Joe Williams, 10th Dan.

Grand Master Bruce Chiu: Continues the theme of this year’s seminar on how to control your opponent. He will take the same techniques taught throughout the two days of seminars and adapt them to the stick. Included are disarms, takedowns and locks using the stick and also empty handed.

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