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Advanced Pro Chux for the Beginner Vol. #1: Lee Barden introduces you into the advanced weapon system of Lissajousdo. You will learn how to pick the right pair of nunchucks, how to strike continuously and not get struck back, combat nunchaku applications, introduction to basic hand rolls, finger rolls and throws. This DVD has some of the most advanced nunchuck move ever seen.

Advanced Prochux for the Intermediate Vol. #2: Lee Barden will introduce you to ratio motion, Physics, and logic. That is what this whole Lissajousdo system is based upon. You can’t go wrong with science on your side. You will learn how to turn your standard boring old news nunchaku moves into alive & flowing ratios of motion. You will not believe your eyes. This is the most advanced Prochux techniques available to the world today.

Advanced Pro Chux for the Expert Vol. #3: If you haven’t studied DVDs 1 & 2 you are not ready for this one yet. Lee Barden’s Advanced Pro Chux Nunchaku For The Expert takes you down the path of ultimate mastery. Advanced strikes, flow, rolls, & throws. As well as full contact nunchaku fighting, strategy, and advanced combat techniques.

Beyond Advanced Prochux Vol. #4: Just as the name sounds, beyond any advanced level instructional DVD ever seen. Guaranteed! This DVD takes you to the state of the Art in weapons training. With reverse finger rolls, double throws, throws into wrist rolls, off timed double finger rolls and a whole lot more than you can believe was ever possible. Each Instructional DVD is over 1 hour in length

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