All 4 Kicking for Perfection Extreme Tricks Instructional Video with Daniel Sterling


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Daniel Sterling’s Kicking for Perfection Vol. 1: On this DVD, International forms and weapons champion Daniel Sterling pilot’s you step by step through all of the latest kicks and tricks of the new Millennium, including Double 540’s, Butterfly Twists and the Grand Illusion Twist. Daniel navigates you from take-off  to landing through each technique including all of the variations. Daniel personally guarantees that you will get everything you expect from this DVD.

Daniel Sterling’s Kicking for perfection part 2: On this DVD Daniel Sterling shows you how to not only look good for the crowd, but the Judges as well. With this DVD you will learn how to put his remarkable kicks from the first DVD into explosive and dynamic combinations. He will also teach you his unbelievable new kicks. This national champion puts it all on the line.

The Next Chapter In Daniel Sterling’s Kicking For Perfection Series Vol. 3 Xtreme Kicks: In this DVD, Daniel and Will are going to help you with some of the more popular kicks on the circuit today. The Swipe, Suicide Swipe, 360 Front, Webster, Hyper-twist and several other creative kicking combinations are just a few of the Xciting Xtreme Kicks taught in this series. So, if you have been wondering what some of these moves are, here’s your chance. Get all the tricks of the trade from two of sport karate’s most talented performing artists.

Daniel Sterling’s Vol. 4 Kicks Gone Wild Xtreme Combos: This DVD is best described by it’s title, WILD. You will see The Final Fu Daniel Sterling, Will Valentine and Matt Emig get WILD, WILD. You will witness the spectacle that is perfection when these champions pull off tricks like the STANDING FLASH GAINER (AERIAL VERSION), HOP STEP GAINER (OVER THE TOP), RISE MISSING THE LEG WITH A GAINER, GAINER SIDEKICK, DOUBLE LEG KICK, VERTICAL SIDEKICK, TWIST KICK PO 360 HOOK KICK INTO A GAINER, TWIST KICK POP KICK GAINER.

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