2020 HKI Kyusho Martial Arts Training Camp 3 DVDs set


Applying the Mechanical, Pressure Points, and Energy is the Key to make your Techniques work properly.


DVD #1
Master Roy Hayden: Flow Techniques including how properly using a base and pressure points will increase the effectiveness of joint manipulation
Grand Master David Jones: Brush Grab Strikes variations, including take downs. Teaching locks using pressure points. Also how to use these techniques with or without a stick.
Grand Master Henry Kennedy: How to adapt techniques to any style or system, using speed and accuracy.

DVD #2
Grand Master Jerald Carter: Drills for passing, blocking and striking. Also how to use these techniques while stepping into the void and remaining inside the box.
HKI Grand Master David Hogan: Learn a deeper understanding of the 3 levels of the Martial Arts; Mechanical – Pressure Points – Energy. Teach you how to use all 3 every time you touch your opponent.
Modern Arnis Grandmaster Bruce Chiu: Teaching you how to use all the techniques you have learned so far on these DVDs, while using a stick or any other weapon, standing or on the ground.

DVD #3
Tuhon Ray Dianaldo: Old School Arnis techniques, shifting your timing to affect power of the strike. Learn the Quadrant Theory Flow Drills which allow you to transition from technique to technique using stick, empty hand or knife.
Grand Master Lynn Carper: Teaches how to use Qigong breathing exercises to move your Chi. Also teaches the Triple Warmer Meridian Theory
Master Harvey Hodnett: Teaches situational awareness and how to steal your opponents energy and use it against them. The intent of your opponent is one of the keys to getting your technique to work properly. He also demonstrates a finger lock knock out.

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