2018 Jack Hogan Karate International Martial Arts HKI Kyusho Camp 2 DVDs Set


Learn cutting edge Self Defense Techniques


2018 HKI Martial Arts Camp DVD #1

Master John Quest: Forearm Grappling drills using the Kata movements and also learn how to stack them for better control. The principles of the Song of the Sip Sam Seh.

Master Stuart Blackhurst: Neck and head control techniques which can knockout your opponent. Defending against a bear hug or rugby style tackles. Grandmaster Jerald Carter: Advanced Arm Grappling using pressure points from kata movements. Grandmaster Jim Corn: Teaching preventive techniques to stop the attacker before they attack. Learn about the triple warmer and how to release your energy into those points.

DVD #2

Grandmaster David Hogan: the 3 levels of the martial arts; Mechanical – Pressure Points – Energy. Teach you how to use all 3 every time you touch your opponent. Defending against 1 and 2 handed pushes. Also using directed energy to move or Knockout your opponent.

Grandmaster John Duggan: Teaching a transitional lock drill and how to keep your opponent in constant pain. Throws with ground finishing locks and using pressure points to control or knockout your opponent.

Grandmaster Bruce Chiu: Teaching you how to use all the techniques you have learned so far on these DVDs, while using a stick or any other weapon, standing or on the ground. Also no lock is forever and should be considered a transitional move.

Grandmaster Lynn Carper: How to use the Upper, Middle and Lower Burners to control. You will also learn how to have more control over your opponent with your locks.

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