2008 Extreme Kyusho Self Defense Instructional 3 DVDs 


Learn cutting edge Self Defense Techniques


DVD #1:

Grandmaster Jack Hogan from Florida: “Every lock has a key . . . You have to make the key fit the lock not the other way around.” By taking questions from the attendees GM Hogan demonstrates the philosophy of taking what your opponent gives you and using it against them. He teaches how to use pressure points in a real life situation under stress. He works on Palm strikes, using pressure points on the arm correctly and also how you can use pressure points against kicks. He teaches how to control the energy you use against your opponent. His one rule for all fights “I never turn a guy loose . . . I will always get a hand, finger, I use whatever it takes to control my opponent.”

John Duggan from Ireland: Will demonstrates how to combine traditional Jiu-Jitsu and Kyusho techniques to create extreme self defense joint locks, Ground Control techniques to subdue even the largest of attackers.

DVD #2:

Andy Wilshaw from England: Teaches some of the most dynamic and devastating Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu control techniques to subdue your opponent using Joint Control Techniques.

Grandmaster Bruce Chiu from Virginia: Teaches Modern Arnis Stick fighting Drills to teach you locks, traps and control techniques. He will also show how you can do these same techniques without a stick in your hand with the same results. He also teaches knife defense and throwing techniques to help you end a fight. Bruce states “True mastery of a technique is not how hard you can hit someone, but how hard you can choose not to hit.”

DVD #3:

Master David Hogan from Florida: Teaches Self Defense using Joint Locks, Finger Locks. Using Pressure Points with Ground Control Techniques.

Keith Foskey from Florida: Teaching the Applications to the Pinan Techniques relate to using pressure points. How Stances will affect your hands to help you stop a fight instantly.

Jerald Carter from Florida: Breaks down the techniques from your Kata to show you limb control techniques that will expose the pressure points to allow you to knock your opponent out cold.

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