2007 Kyusho Extreme Self Defense Jack Hogan HKI Seminar 3 DVDs


Learn cutting edge Self Defense Techniques


DVD #1:

Jerald Carter Breaks down the techniques from your Kata to show you what each is intended to do. Whether it be Attacking a pressure point or defending an attack. He shows you that there are no wasted move within the Kata.

David Hogan teaches in detail the Kyusho Black belt test Techniques showing how to use them to locate the pressure points with Knockout power.

Bill Thurston teaches off angle zoning counters, attacks and defenses with empty hand and weapons. He also shows you how to use improvised weapons for self defense.

DVD #2:

John Duggan from Ireland demonstrates how to combine traditional Jiu-Jitsu and Kyusho techniques to create extreme self defense joint locks, Ground Control techniques to subdue even the largest of attackers.

Grandmaster Jack Hogan teaches how to use the “Touch” to put energy into the minor and major pressure points by using relaxation and control. He teaches that by hitting any minor pressure point the body will move in a known direction leading you to a major point to Knockout or incapacitate your attacker instantly.

DVD #3:

Grandmaster Bruce Chiu works on Modern Arnis Stick fighting Drills to teach you locks, traps and control techniques. He will also show how you can do these same techniques without a stick in your hand with the same results.

Mike Andrews breaks down the Katas to show you how to Grapple using only your forearms. With this you can learn how to use pressure points to joint lock or even Knockout your attacker.

Lynn Carper works on defense of Grabs using relaxation to control your attacker and set them up to be knocked out by using the Hit, Rub, or Touch Techniques of Kyusho

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