2004 Kyusho Extreme Self Defense Jack Hogan Karate International Seminar 4 DVDs


Learn cutting edge Self Defense Techniques


This is the 1st annual Kyusho Camp for Hogan Karate International and feature  Grandmaster Hogan and some of his  students from the US, Scotland and Finland.

Appearing on DVD 1 are Steve Gupton teaching joint locks and control techniques also John Quest teaching Stick Striking and disarm techniques.

Appearing on DVD 2 are Chris Rabe teaching Filipino Martial Art control techniques also Mike Andrews teaching application of kata moves for legs.

Appearing on DVD 3 are Grandmaster Jack Hogan, Jerald Carter and Master Lee Barden teaching Advanced Nunchaku techniques.

Appearing on DVD 4: are Toni Kauhanen will teach some devastating techniques to control an attacker and stop them in their tracks. Mike Gilhooley and Lynn Carper are teaching techniques that could save your life.

The techniques taught on these DVDs are usually only taught to a select few people so this is a once in a lifetime chance to learn from some of the most renowned Masters of the Martial Arts in the world today!

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