Sammy Smith’s Creative Kata and Extreme Kata


Sammy Smith will teach you both a winning creative and extreme kata

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In This DVD Sammy Smith will teach you both a winning creative and extreme kata, it is meant for competitors of all ages and all skill levels, but targeted for those looking for a real beginner to intermediate solid form to use in competition. She starts with a “creative” form, meaning that it is not a traditional form, but instead, ulitilizes extreme strong punches, good kicking form and proper stances.  There are no “inverted” (upside down) moves in the creative form.  Then she adds the extreme move options so that the creative form can become an “extreme” form with different inverted moves for all skill levels. She will break down each section of both the creative and extreme katas so that it is easier to build your kata. Sammy also teaches you several creative and extreme tricks to be used in the form. You will see each section at full speed and in slow motion and both entire forms. As a bonus feature You will get to see Sammy Creative and Extreme Forms in a competition at various National and International Open Martial Arts Tournaments.

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