Vol. 2 David James – Vee-Arnis-Jitsu Punching, Choking , Arm locking Drills


No one system goes deeper into heart and mind of the criminal than Vee-Arnis-Jitsu and Professor David James. This is a no frill save your life self defense instructional DVD Series

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Professor David James Vee- Arnis Jitsu Volume #2 Punching Drills, Choking Drills and Arm locking Drills. Vee-Arnis-Jitsu is a self defense system which you can learn quickly. This self defense program is guaranteed to get your entire body into peak condition by promoting weight loss, improving your cardiovascular system and increasing your stamina. Vee-Arnis-Jitsu will give you a keen sense of awareness and improved reflexes. No one system goes deeper into the heart and mind of the criminal than Professor David James.

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