2022 Hogan Karate International Winter HKI Camp Seminars 3 DVDs Set


2022 HKI Winter Camp Seminars, 10 different instructors on this 3 DVDs set


The Instructors:

Matt Ansari, Lee Richards, Will Castro, Ed Daniels, Henry Kennedy, Jim Corm, GM David Hogan,  Bruce Chiu, Rob Ray, Clay Pierson. This will be a 3 DVDs set

DVD #1

Matt Ansari: Everything is not what is appears to be. Make the opponent

Strike where you want them to strike. Don’t hit and go, Hit and control.

Working on the cross-legged stance

Lee Richards: Using Joint and Wrist Locks to control. Also teaching the Table Leg Principle

Will Castro: Give them something to hit then use Kyusho to shorten a fight

Ed Daniels: Teaching how to use a short rope in your hands to Control, Choke, and Takedown an opponent

DVD #2

Grand Master Henry Kennedy: Don’t be where the fist is! A Block is Strike to a Strike. Keeping your Center to control your Techniques.

Grand Master Jim Corn: Using the Body – Arm – Head points to end the confrontation! Teaching why there is redundancy in your Kata.

HKI Grandmaster David Hogan: Teaching the Minors and Majors with 3 levels of Martial Arts, The Mechanical, Kyusho or Pressure Points and Energy. Teaching these principles with the Chicken Wing and Finger Locks

DVD #3

Arnis International Grand Master Bruce Chiu: How to apply what has been taught at the HKI Winter Camp but using a Stick. Don’t let the thought of using a stick to keep you from doing the techniques you already know from your Martial Art. Practice all techniques with movement, learn how to control the battle space.

Rob Ray: Controlling your opponent with Outside Wrist Locks using the Chinese 6 Stars. Teaching how to Flow from Wrist Locks to Chin Spin technique. Remember your power comes from Closeness to your Attacker.

Clay Pierson: Teaching ways to use the structure of Circles, Squares and Triangles in a self-defense situation. Circles rotate around the Center. Triangles are about Stabilizing the Center. Squares are about Moving the Center. How to more Efficiently Attack the Body using Pressure Points in Real Time Combat.

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