2019 Hogan Karate International HKI Kyusho Extreme Self Defense Seminar 3 DVDs Set


Learn cutting edge Self Defense Techniques on this 3 DVDs set


DVD #1
Grand Master Jerald Carter: Teaching application drills of blocking, counter and strikes. No wasted motion!
Grand Master Henry Kennedy: Learning how to get speed and power in your strikes, by working techniques slow for muscle memory. And using proper stances and flow to gain speed and power. Everything has to move, Everything has to work together to be Powerful, Quick and Accurate.
Grand Master Lynn Carper: Teaching how understanding Physical Anatomy and how the nervous system works helps you learn how to use the stressors reflex to activate pain receptors on tendons and muscles by rubbing or striking pressure points.

DVD #2
Master Karsten Dam from Denmark: Style is how to hit and the Art is where. Learn to master your fears. You will never win with just Techniques. If you are in the moment and you have to look for the right technique you have already been hit. If you stay in your techniques you will always be too late, you have to feel what is happening. Karsten teaches the Art of moving.
Grand Master Jim Corn: Teaching that you how to put hits on target until you can disengage and escape. If they cannot Walk they can’t hurt you, if they can’t Breath they can’t hurt you, if they cannot see they can not hurt you.
Grand Master David Hogan: the 3 levels of the martial arts; Mechanical – Pressure Points – Energy. Teach you how to use all 3 every time you touch your opponent. Defending against 1 and 2 handed pushes.

DVD #3
Grand Master Bruce Chiu: Teaching you how to use all the techniques you have learned so far on these DVDs, while using a stick or any other weapon, standing or on the ground.
Grand Master Dave Daniel: Teaches you how to use some of the techniques taught at the seminars and adds a technique called the “Zipper” to bring pain and control your opponent using one knuckle to the chest.
Master Harvey Hodnett: Teaches what happens when you activate the first two pressure points on the wrist and arm.

This is a 3 DVDs Set

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