2005 Kyusho Extreme Self Defense Jack Hogan Karate International Seminar 3 DVDs


Learn cutting edge Self Defense Techniques


Grandmaster Jack Hogan teaching Energy Control Techniques and how to relax while doing techniques to better maximize the effect. Along with demonstrating Double, Triple and Quadruple Energy Knockouts.

Master Bruce Chiu teaching Entries, Locks and Disarms using your left hand with Modern Arnis Techniques.

Mike Andrews explaining the applications of Ryukyu Kempo Kata techniques from the Metal, Wood, Fire, Earth and Water stances.

Jerald Carter teaches how to take out an opponents limbs with joint control techniques . He also teaches defenses against grabs.

David Jones combines Modern Arnis empty hand techniques and pressure points for explosive results designed to take almost any opponent.

Jim Bremel explains the pressure points within you katas and how to apply them effectively.

Warren Young teaches the healing side of techniques. He also teaches how to apply pressure points for controlling an opponent and then if needed how to end the confrontation with a knockout.

“This is about putting your opponent in position to be hit again” Grandmaster Jack Hogan

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