The Best of Series Volume 21 2016

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Each DVD includes 2 hours of exciting footage from 2016

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The Best of Tournament Forms and Weapons Competition: 2 hours of exciting action packed footage & highlights from the Eliminations. Battle of Atlanta: Aidan Kennedy, Trinity Davis, Jake Presley, Ariel Torres, Kiki Okubo, Allen Davies, Tyler Weaver, Sammy Smith The U. S. Open: Highlights from the Friday and Saturday Eliminations. U. S. Capitol Classics: Mason Stowell, Melissa Baillargeon, Danny Etkin, China Open Weapons Finals, China Open Forms: Tarell Bullock, Becca Ross, Reid Presley Diamond Nationals: Haley Glass, Ema Teo, Sammy Smith, Jackson Rudolph, Mia Lang, Derek Meegan, Jean Paul Panizza, Tyler Weaver

The best of Tournament Fighting: Over two hours of great fights! Who knows we may have caught you on camera! Battle of Atlanta: Team Fighting Elimination Highlights, Youth Challenge Match, Boys Team fights MBS vs Next Level, Lightweight Final: Willie Hicks vs John Curatolo and, Team WKF vs Team Paul Mitchell U.S. Open: Clash and Continuous sparring, Point Fighting and Team Fighting Eliminations, Self Defense Divisions and Sport MMA U.S. Capitol Classics: Team Fighting Eliminations, Self Defense Divisions. Lilbeth Robles vs Morgan Plowden, Kevin Walker vs Willie Hicks, Mathieu Williams vs Jason Grenier Diamond Nationals: Team Fighting Eliminations, Team Fighting Final: JPM vs Impex, Morgan Plowden vs Melanie Ortiz, John Curatolo vs Kevin Walker, Zolt Moradi vs Jason Grenier

The Best of Tournament Demo and Sync Teams: Almost two hours of video of some of the top Teams from around the world. The Battle of Atlanta: The Opening Demo by Competitive Edge, Sync Team had AWMA vs JPM The U.S. Open: Demo and Sync Team Eliminations and The Breaking Eliminations. The U.S. Capitol Classics: Team Sync NMAC vs JPM, Dan Medina Escrima Demo,Demo Teams Fearless vs Fearless JV, A Breaking Demo, The Hyper Tricking Battle and a Self Defense Demo The Diamond Nationals: Sync and Demo Team Eliminations, Team Demo winner Infinity, Sync Teams Kenshi, Paul Mitchell Weapons, and JPM Forms

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