All 3 Best of Series Volume 12 2007

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Each DVD includes 2 hours of exciting footage from 2007


This includes extended daytime Highlights and selected nighttime Grand Championship Katas. From the Battle of Atlanta: Tyler Weaver’s Kamas, Scott Wu’s traditional Kata and Becca Ross’s Extreme Bo with a final move that had everyone gasping. From the Diamond Nationals we have Caitlin Dechelle traditional Sword, Jennifer Espina’s extreme Bo. Kalman Csoka brought out two Swords. Dayna Huor and Ryan Wells doing what they do best. Mindy Kelly bent over backwards literally to impress the judges. The Pan American Internationals features Tiffany Larsen and Jonathan Szeto. Samantha Suddeth with an extreme Bo form. High flying Sammy Vasquez while Vanessa Perez does a traditional Kata. Marc Canonizado defies gravity with his kamas, Josh Kahan’s creative form and Cole Eckert swings the extreme bo. Also included as a bonus are highlights from The Daytime of the U. S. Open, who knows our cameras may have caught you on tape!

The Best of Tournament Fighting: Almost 2 hours of nothing but knock outs, knockdowns and awesome techniques. On this 2007 Volume 12 Best of Tournament Fighting DVD, all footage is from National and International Karate Championships. Included on this video are Daytime Elimination highlights along with selected entire nighttime grand championships fights: The Battle of Atlanta features Jason Bourelly vs Hamed Firouzi in the Superfights. At the Diamond Nationals we feature Regina Thompson vs Marielle Elliott in a great match also Jason Bourelly vs Hamed Firouzi in the finals of the Superfights with Firouzi pulling off the upset. Also Raymond Daniels and Greg Betlach put on an unbelievable fight. The Pan American International features Team DZNS taking on Team WKF for the Youth Team Sparring Title also Joyce Blanco defeats Lorene Price in match you have to see to believe. Also included as a bonus are highlights from The Daytime of the U.S. Open. Along with many other people, who knows our cameras may have caught you on tape!

The Best of Tournament Demo and Sync Teams: This DVD will showcase some of the top performers from around the globe showing what makes them the best of the best. The Battle of Atlanta includes Team Demos with Team Pro Rank and K.I.C.K. Team. Sync Team performances by Team AKA and K.I.C.K. Team. The Diamond Nationals include Sync Teams AKA Team (the Kahan Boys), AKA Extreme with Brendon Huor and Luke Broadlick and Team Boone. Demonstration Teams included Pro Rank and Team AKA. The final event is the Pan American Internationals includes a Special Kenpo Demo and Sync Forms by Team U.S.A. and Team Straight Up.

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