2013 U.S. Capitol Classics


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


The US Capitol Classics is known for its beauty, elegance and as described in its name the “Classics”. This generation of martial artists know little of those who have paved the way for competitors today. This year was without question a gathering of the the “Classics” at the classics. Bringing together names like Anderson, Plowden, Price, Denley, Young, Creamer, and a number of others, the wisdom and history is rarely something you have available at all let alone in the same place. The finals opened with a special Tai Chi Demo, Sync Forms: Team Amerikick/AKA, AKA & winner JPM, 13 under Weapons: Isabella Caracta, Dallas Liu, Sage Sweeny, & winner Derek Meegan, 14-17 Weapons: Gigi Valdivia, Mackensi Emory, Cole Eckert & winner Jackson Rudolph, 13 under Forms: Isabella Caracta, Jae Sweeney, Derek Meegan, & winner Dallas Liu, 14-17 Forms: Gig Valdivia, Sammy Smith, Ross Kohnstam, & winner Reid Presley, China Open Weapons & Forms: Naomi Crossley, Kevin Chin,  winning both was Sen Gao, Team Demos: KICK Team & winner Team Infinity, Point MMA: Amari Williams vs the winner Marco Johnson, Tricking Battle, Breaking Demo, Men’s Fighting Semi #1: Jadi Tention vs Justin Ortiz, Semi #2: Avery Plowden vs Kodaq Wray, Final Fight: Avery Plowden & Jadi Tention, with Jadi winning, Women’s Weapons and Forms: Stephanie Figueroa, Becca Ross, Claudia Orellana & winner of both Caitlin Dechelle. Men’s Weapons: Kyle Montagna, Nick Schneider, Shahin Jahan-vash, Geo Leon, Drew Derek-Bisbee, Sen Gao & winner Austin Jorgensen, Men’s Forms: Jarrett Leiker, Vincent Scarduzio, Sen Gao, Steven So, Jeff Doss, Drew Derek-Bisbee & winner Austin Crain.  Women’s Sparring: Raelynn Perkins vs Marissa Mayer the winner.  Team Sparring: Team JPM vs winner Team Impex

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