2005 Battle of Atlanta


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


The Battle of Atlanta is one of the most prestigious Martial Arts Tournaments in the World today. In the 13 & under weapons division, A.J. Ford came away with a win over Dayna Huor and Tonae Mayer. Austin Crain was the winner for the 13 & under forms competition. Crain defeated Luke Broadlick, Tonae Mayer and Becca Ross. Jennifer Espina showed that girls can work the bo with her win in the 14-17 weapons grands. She beat out Jacob Kabel, Jonathan Szeto and Chrissy Concepcion. For the 14-17 forms, Ryan Redfoot got the judges’ vote over Josh Kahan, Caitlin Dechelle and Nicole Provost. The adult weapons competition had Jonathan Boyd’s sword routine going against Marc Canonizado’s kamas. Boyd’s routine would prevail this time. In the forms grand championship John Su went on to win over Marc Canonizado, Steve Terada and Marcel Jones. Women’s Forms included Mindy Kelly, who’s extreme form won over Lauren Kearney’s traditional form. In Team Sync it was Team Straight Up defeating Go Pai Sho and Team BLAM. K.I.C.K. Team brought home another one victory by defeating Team Charlie Lee and Team Elite for the demo team title.
This year’s PKA point fighting was one of the most exciting ever, with sixteen fighters making it on stage to fight for the prize of $2500.00. The final fight between Betlach and Bourelly ended the 2005 Battle of Atlanta and left the audience wanting more! Also included are highlights from the eliminations on
Friday and Saturday. Who knows you might see yourself on this video!

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