1995 Bluegrass Nationals Karate Championships tournament

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Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Highlights from the Eliminations and the entire Night time finals – Opening Demos by Olympic Karate and Mary Eubanks, 8 yr old boy fighting: Chris Jones vs Justin Casto, 11-12 boys fighting: Michael O’Neal vs Jonathan Liddell, 13-14 boys fighting: Joseph Guarneri vs ?, 15-17 Boys fighting: Thomas Wright vs Preston Clements, Women’s Lightweight Krista Shearer vs Eva Jones, Women Middleweight fighting: Colleen Lynch vs Nicki Carlson-Lee. Youth Weapons: Ashley Lane, Ida Henley, Jimmy Pham, Bernadette Ambrosia. Adult Weapons Gary Stearns, Terry Creamer, Ming Liu, Mike Chaturantabut. Lightweight Men’s Fighting: Dee Dee Baptista vs Donald Brady. Heavyweight Men’s Fighting: Mike Pombeiro vs Eric Brewer. Executive Men Fighting: Anthony Price vs John Prevatt. Youth Forms: Justin Casto, Jeff Doss, Jimmy Pham, Janelle Parnell, Jeff Ikejiri, Ashley Lane, Stefanie Flowers, Butch Marks, Fletcher Eisner and Bernadette Ambrosia. Women’s Forms: Kane Sorakolatran, Ming Liu, Michelle “Mouse” Krasnoo, and Suzann Wancket. Men’s Forms: Terry Creamer, Neil Wright, Kevin Thompson, David Douglas, Mike Chat, Watu Batu, and Jon Valera. Men’s Fighting Semi 1: Ronald Brady vs Dee Dee Baptista. Men’s Fighting Semi2: Anthony Price vs Mike Pombeiro. Women’s Fighting Overall: Krista Shearer vs Nicki Carlson-Lee.  Men’s Overall Anthony Price vs Ronald Brady.

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