1996 Bluegrass Nationals Karate Championships Tournament


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Highlights from the Eliminations and the entire Night time finals Opening Demos by Olympic Karate and Mary Eubanks, 8 yr old boy fighting: Chris Jones vs Justin Castro, 11-12 boys fighting: Michael O’Neal vs Jonathan Liddell, 13-14 boys fighting: Joseph Guarneri vs ?, 15-17 Boys fighting: Thomas Wright vs Preston Clements, Women’s Lightweight Krista Shearer vs Eva Jones, Women Middleweight fighting: Colleen Lynch vs Nicki Carlson-Lee. Youth Weapons: Ashley Lane, Ida Henley, Jimmy Pham, Bernadette Ambrosia. Adult Weapons Gary Stearns, Terry Creamer, Ming Liu, Mike Chaturantabut. Lightweight Men’s Fighting: Dee Dee Baptista vs Donald Brady. Heavyweight Men’s Fighting: Mike Pombeiro vs Eric Brewer. Executive Men Fighting: Anthony Price vs John Prevatt. Youth Forms: Justin Casto, Jeff Doss, Jimmy Pham, Janelle Parnell, Jeff Ikejiri, Ashley Lane, Stefanie Flowers, Butch Marks, Fletcher Eisner and Bernadette Ambrosia. Women’s Forms: Kane Sorakolatran, Ming Liu, Michelle “Mouse” Krasnoo, and Suzann Wancket. Men’s Forms: Terry Creamer, Neil Wright, Kevin Thompson, David Douglas, Mike Chat, Watu Batu, and Jon Valera. Men’s Fighting Semi 1: Ronald Brady vs Dee Dee Baptista. Men’s Fighting Semi2: Anthony Price vs Mike Pombeiro. Women’s Fighting Overall: Krista Shearer vs Nicki Carlson-Lee.  Men’s Overall Anthony Price vs Ronald Brady.

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