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What Do You Want to Learn Today? 






What Do You Want to Learn Today?

Here at Black and Blue Productions, we are committed to providing high quality DVDs to the Martial Artist looking to expand their knowledge and get closer to their goal of performing on the Grand Championship Stage and winning! If it will help you win, then we have it. We have the world’s largest selection of Sport Martial Arts videos with over 160 titles of Tournament DVDs, Instructional DVDs to choose from. We have Instructional DVDs from some of today’s top Martial Artists. These World Champions have put onto DVD the techniques that helped make them World Champions. And now you can learn directly from them in the comfort of your living room or martial arts school. We are also consistently looking for new ways to help you gain the knowledge you need to become a World Champion.

You can also still buy the DVDs from our Online Store, and have them shipped to your door anywhere in the world.

Black and Blue Productions has many solutions for the Martial Arts School owners, Dance School owners, and other Business Owners too. In the past, videos produced for the Martial Artist, Dance School or other Business were either homemade or produced by companies that promised the world, charged the world and delivered nothing. This process usually puts the Business owners into huge and unnecessary debt. They end up never making a dime of profit from the videos for their schools or themselves. Black & Blue Video Production rates are mostly by the hour, so the Business owner is only charged for the actual time of the shoot and the edit. No hidden cost, everything is up front. Why not give Black & Blue Video a call for all your video productions.

We have reduced the shipping costs for all DVDs ordered. Make sure to checkout the Clearance Center for discounts as much as 75%!

Please go the Services Section of this website for more details.

Call us at 904-722-0220 or email at uvmaster@comcast.net









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