2022 ISKA U. S. Open World Martial Arts Championships 2 DVD Set


2022 ISKA U. S. Open World Martial Arts Championships 2 DVD set Highlights from Friday and Saturday Eliminations and the entire Night Show


 2022 ISKA U. S. Open World Martial Arts Championships

DVD #1: Highlights from Friday & Saturday Events
Forms & Weapons, Point Fighting, Clash Sparring, Demo Teams,
USBA/WBA Friday & ISKA Saturday World Championship Breaking, Sport MMA
2 hours 42 minutes long


DVD #2 Night of Champions

Highlights: Dax Howland, Sofia Rodriguez Florez, Tricking Battle,
Open Men’s Sparring: Brayan Rodriguez vs Avery Plowden, Joey Castro
14-17 Girls Weapons: Averi Presley
Demo Teams: FSMA (highlight), Freestyle, Competitive Edge (W)
Sync Team Weapons: Team AmeriKick and Team JPM (W)
Women’s Weapons: Sara Campbell(highlight), Haley Glass (W)
Women’s Trad Forms: Kaelyn Kowalski(highlight), Gabrielle Rudolph
14-17 Boys CMX Forms: Phillip Brumme, Ben Jones, Esteban Tremblay(W)
Men’s Weapons: Dawson Holt, Jake Presley(W)

Bonus Footage
13 under Boys Weapons: Gilbran Rawlings, Michael Molina, Juda Sagawa,
Dax Howland (W)
13 under Girls CMX Weapons: Isabella Nicoli (W), Kodi Molina
14-17 Girls Forms: Averi Presley, Alyss Groce (W), Anna Beth Hedgepeth
14-17 B/G Traditional Forms: Luca Ricotti, Sofia Rodriguez Flores (W)
ITF Challenge Continuous Sparring
14-17 B/G Traditional Weapons: Shane Billow, Madison Magnotta (W)
Men’s Traditional Forms: Diego Rodriguez Flores, Joey Castro (W)
14-17 Boys CMX Forms: Shane Billow, Phillip Brumme, Esteban Tremblay(W)
Team Demos: Team Florida Sport Martial Arts
3 Man Team Sparring: Team PMF (W) vs Team All Stars
14-17 Girls CMX Weapons: Anna Beth Hedgepeth
World Record Breaking: Parker Moody
Women’s Weapons: Sara Campbell
Men’s CMX Forms: Salef Celez, Dawson Holt, Jake Presley (W)
Sync Forms: Team Infinity (W), Team Paul Mitchell
Women’s Traditional Forms: Kaelyn Kowalski
Women’s CMX Forms: Julie Moreci Guanzon, Haley Glass (W)
RAPTOR Xtreme Weapons Tricking Battle
Men’s Open Weight Sparring: Brayan Rodriguez vs Avery Plowden (W)
Men’s CMX Weapons: Rashan Eugene, Alex Mancillas
2 hours and 47 minutes in length

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