2014 U. S. Open World Martial Arts Championships

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Highlights from the Eliminations and the night finals

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ESPN 2 Show Women’s CMX Weapons: Jennifer Espina & Caitlin Dechelle (W) 14-17 Boys Weapons:  Jacob Pinto (W) & Jackson Rudolph Sync Weapons:  Team AKA (W) & Team Paul Mitchell World Record Break: Drew Serrano Men’s Weapons: Reid Presley & Tyler Weaver (W) Clash Team Sparring: Paul Mitchell (Laszlo Gumbos & Zsolt Moradi) vs All-Stars (W) (Jack Felton & Raymond Daniels) 13 under Forms: Kieran Tamondong Show 13 under Girls Weapons: Haley Glass (W) & Jae Sweeny 14-17 Overall Forms: Jacob Pinto (W), Sage Sweeny, Mackensi Emory and Derek Meegan Sync Team Forms: Team AmeriKick and Team Paul Mitchell (W) 13 under Boys Weapons: Aidan Kennedy, Jake Presley (W), Kieran Tamondong Self Defense: Luke Jackson, Robert Sugar-Crossons and Katherine Brooker (W) 14-17 Girls Weapons: Mackensi Emory (W) & Sammy Smith Women’s Forms: Becca Ross & Caitlin Dechelle (W) ITF Continuous Sparring: Hong Keat Looi (W) vs Adrian Moore World Record Breaking: John Zurisk Women’s Traditional Weapons: Becca Ross & Caitlin Dechelle (W) Women’s Point Sparring: Anna Kodar vs Chelsey Nash (W) Men’s Point Sparring: Richard Veres vs Jamal Albini (W) Men’s Traditional Weapons: Stephen Grasz & Sen Gao (W) NAGA Finals: Ethan Hendricks vs Jean-Paul Lebosnoyani (W) Men’s Forms: Vincent Scarduzio, Sen Gao, Jarrett Leiker, Michael Guthrie (W) & Tyler Weaver Bonus: Highlights from the Eliminations Forms & Weapons, Fighting, Sport MMA, NAGA,  Breaking Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

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