All 3 Best of Series Volume 16 2011

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Each DVD includes 2 hours of exciting footage from 2011


The Best of Forms and Weapons Competition: Almost 2 hours of exciting action packed footage are included on this DVD with highlights from the Eliminations and selected Katas from the Grands of each event. The Ocean State Grand Nationals: Danny Etkin-Form, Micah Karns-Form, Audrey Donihoo-Katana Form, Stephen Grasz-Sword and Vincent Scarduzio Bo Staff. The Gator Nationals held on Daytona Beach: Jackson Rudolph-Bo, Caitlin Dechelle-Sword, Lady Jade Miles-Traditional Kata, Mickey Lee-Wu Shu Sword and Marc Canonizado-Form. The Capitol Classics: Carson Crawford-Sword, Sammy Smith-Form, Amanda Chen-Trad. Form, Austin Jorgenson-Wu Shu Sword, Marco Johnson-Form, Chung Su Shua-China Open Weapons, Max Ehrlich-China Open Forms The Diamond Nationals: Dallas Liu-Form, Kalman-Csoka Blindfolded Duel Swords, Matt Emig-Nunchaku, Micayla Johnson-Kamas, Jarrett Leiker-Traditional Form, Becca Ross-Form. Also included, the 2011 US Open Friday and Saturday Eliminations. We may have caught you on camera!

The Best of Tournament Fighting: Almost two hours of great fights, including point, continuous and team fighting matches. There are highlights from the Eliminations and entire selected Grands fights from each event. The Ocean State: has Chelsey Nash vs Mari Eves DiClaire, Team Full Circle vs Team JPM, in the Men’s Semis Justin Ortiz vs Greg Betlach and Ross Levine vs Mike Pomberio. In the final it was Ross Levine taking on Greg Betlach in a very close match. The Gator Nationals: Girls Fighting was on stage with Alexander Esteves vs Ashley Dahlquist, and the Boys got their turn too with Kevin Walker doing battle against Austin Cowen. In the Women’s Super Fight final it was Terri Jacoby vs Nicole Pelland and in the Men’s Super Fight final Chad Canon fought Justin Ortiz for the title. The Capitol Classics: Women’s Fight Final with Nicole Pelland vs Alana Wegfahrt, In Team Sparring it was Team Full Circle battling it out to the last match with Team JPM. Ross Levine was back again in the Men’s Final to take on teammate Hamed Firouzi. The Diamond Nationals: Chelsey Nash fought Melanie Ortiz for the Women’s Grand. In the Men’s Final it was Ross Levine vs Jason Bourelly in another exciting close match. The Heavyweight Super Fight Final pitted Raymond Daniels against hometown favorite Elias Lemon and in the Lightweight Super Fights Hamed Firouzi took on Jason Bourelly for a very exciting rematch from last year! Also included are Highlights from the 2011 US Open, with continuous, and point sparring. Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

Almost two hours of the top Teams from around the world. We start off at the Ocean State Grand Nationals with the Demo Team Champions, Team 100%, Team JPM the Sync Forms Grand Champion, The Hyper Games Trick Contest with Team Titans vs Captain Crunch and a Special Breaking Demo from Maurice Elmalem. At the Gator Nationals the Sync Forms Eliminations, followed next by the Team Demos Champions Team Infinity, Sync Teams saw Team 100% Performance and Team JPM go head to head. The Capitol Classics includes the Sync & Demo Team Eliminations, A special opening demo, and then Team Sync where Team JPM went up against The Kahan Brothers. Also a very Special Tai Chi Demo from Master Dennis Brown’s Tai Chi instructor. Next up Demo Teams winner Team 100%, A Break off with the USBA/WBA and a Self Defense Demo from Sam Scott and Full circle Martial Arts. Also Tricking Battle. The Diamond Nationals started off with Team Infinity the Demo Team Grand Champions, followed by Team Sync with Team JPM and Team Infinity. Also included as a bonus are the US Open Demo and Team Sync Forms Divisions Eliminations.

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