2014 Vol. 19 The Best Of Tournament Forms & Weapons

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Two (2) hours of the best forms and weapons competitors in the World.


Almost 2 hours of exciting action packed footage are included on this DVD with highlights from the Eliminations. The Ocean State Grand Nationals: Kieran Tamondong – Traditional Kata, Jacob Pinto – XMA Form, Jennifer Espina – XMA Bo, Sammy Smith – XMA Chucks, Jackson Rudolph – Trad. Bo. The Battle of Atlanta: Micayla Johnson – XMA Kamas, Jake Presley – XMA Bo, Michael Guthrie – XMA Form, Haley Glass – Trad. Sword, Mackensi Emory – XMA Form. The U.S. Open: Highlights from the Friday and Saturday Eliminations. The Capitol Classics: Haley Glass – Trad. Form, Emma Teo – XMA, Justin Chang – XMA Kata, Jackson Rudolph – XMA Bo, Sen Gao – Broadsword, Becca Ross – Trad. Form, Tyler Weaver – XMA Form. The Diamond Nationals: Terry Creamer – Tongfa Kata, Mike Welch – XMA Form, Aidan Kennedy – XMA, Sammy Smith – XMA Kata, Becca Ross – Trad Bo, Caitlin Dechelle XMA Sword and XMA Form, Tyler Weaver – XMA Kamas, Reid Presley – XMA Double Bo, Dayna Huor – XMA, Jacob Ellis – XMA, Stephen Grasz – Trad Sword, and Jeff Doss- Trad. Kata.

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