2014 Battle of Atlanta


The entire night finals


The 46th Annual Battle of Atlanta is one of the world’s premiere karate tournaments, a NASKA 5A rated tournament, also sanctioned by Professional Karate Association, Pro Am Sport Karate Assoc, and The All Star Karate League. It is also the home of The Extreme Warrior Challenge! This year’s tournament opened with an amazing Demo, leading into the 14-15 yrs old Boys Sparring with Caleb Green taking on Jalen Carr who would take the win! Women’s Weapons: Micayla Johnson, Stephanie Figueroa, Becca Ross, Jennifer Espina & the winner Caitlin Dechelle Team Demo winner K.I.C.K. Team performed 16-17 yr old Girls Sparring Featured Alex Piles and winner Ally Montero 14 – 17 Forms: Mackensi Emory, Sage Sweeny, Derek Meegan, winner Jacob Pinto Men’s Weapons: Donnie Searedman, Kyle Montagna, Reid Presley, Stephen Grasz, winner Tyler Weaver Women’s Sparring: Raelynn Perkins vs Chelsey Nash who was the winner 13 under Weapons:  Gabrielle Cunha, Haley Glass and winner Jake Presley Sync Foms Featured Team AmeriKick and Team Paul Mitchell who won 13 under Forms: Haley Glass, Noell Jellison & winner Kieran Tamondong Extreme Warrior Challenge Semi Finals: Abid Benwali vs winner Robbie Lavoie Women’s Forms: Stephanie Figueroa, Becca Ross, winner Caitlin Dechelle 14-17 Weapons: Sage Sweeny, Isabella Caracta, and winner Jackson Rudolph 720 Tricking contest Finals saw Jefferson Lewis win Men’s Forms: Jarrett Leiker, Reid Presley, Vincent Scarduzio and the winner Michael Guthrie Robbie Lavoie vs Raymond Daniels who was the Extreme Warrior Challenge Belt and the check for $5,000! The Elimination Highlights are on the Best of Forms and Weapons, Fighting and Demo Teams DVDs This DVD is almost two hours with only the finals.

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