2010 Ocean State Grand Nationals


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


The rain could not and would not stop the 30th Annual Ocean State Grand Nationals from happening. Promoters Don and Christine Rodriques were able to pull everything off with class and grace. And with the new NASKA grand championships categories for 2010 there is a lot of choices for the who gets on stages for the finals. The OSGN gave the youth their due this time and separated the youth traditional and creative/musical/extreme divisions up to allow more kids a chance to compete on the finals stage. Traditional Youth forms saw Mackensi Emory, Andrew Franklin, Dayna Huor and Kyle Montagna came out on top. In CMX forms Mica Karns beat out Sammy Smith, Jacob Pinto and Huor. Traditional Weapons featured an all sword duel between Jacob Pinto, Tahna Dow, Shahin Jahan-vash and we saw Stephanie Figueroa get the high scores from the judges. Youth CMX Weapons had Cole Eckert winning a close one over  Mackensi Emory, Dayna Huor and Jackson Rudolph. Nicole Pelland had a close match with Europe’s Mieke Hink, but Nicole was able to pull out the win at the buzzer. Men’s fighting final came down to Ross Levine and Jason Bourelly with Ross taking another title. There was a special USA vs Europe team fight,  with Team USA winning by a score of 26-15.  Men’s and Women’s forms showcased a one on one duel with Caitlin Dechelle beating Nikki Stanley and Rudy Reynon winning over William Cornell. The Men’s CMX Weapons division was on stage with Kalman Csoka defeating Rudy Reynon, Matt Emig and Marc Canonizado. Kalman went on to the overall adult weapon grand and once again he was dominating, as he defeated Caitlin Dechelle, Jennifer Espina and Ross Levine. Also on this DVD are highlights from the Eliminations and a special bonus highlights from the WAKO team tryouts. Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

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