1996 Battle of Atlanta Karate Championships tournament

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Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Highlights from the eliminations and the entire Finals: Intro of the competitors, Black light demo featuring Grand Master Roy Williams, Oliver Drexler vs Cesar Santabrio, Boys Fighting: David Cedano vs Christopher, Youth Weapons: Lyle Beniga, Jimmy Pham, Ida Henley, Casey Marks, Vonnie Andross vs Ursula Grigio, Anthony Price vs Terry Creamer, Richard Plowden vs Glenn Mehlman, Akin Williams vs Claudio Faveno, Handicapable Weapons: Randy Von, Adult Weapons: Bill Gallanto, Carmichael Simon, Mike Chat, Ming Liu, Ernest Miller vs Danny Griffith, Judo Demo, Virginia Karate Club Demo, Anthony Price vs Richard Plowden, Youth Forms: Jimmy Pham, Kim Do, Bernadette Ambrosia, Guy Burkett, Kingston Ng, Special Weapons Demo: Hoyoung Pak, Vonnie Andross vs Elizabeth Rosa, Team Fighting: Venezuela vs JPM USA, Oliver Drexler vs Pedro Xavier, Akin Williams vs Brian Ruth, Women’s Forms: Suzann Wancket, Kayne La Trans, Ming Liu, Michelle Mouse Krasnoo, Ernest Miller vs Jerry Roberts, Men’s Forms: Mike Chat, Anthony Marquez, Jon Valera, Kevin Thompson

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