1995 Bluegrass Nationals Karate Championships tournament

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Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Highlight from the Eliminations and entire Night time finals 9-10 yr boys fighting Dallas Crawford vs Richard Stone, 8-9 yr boys Brian Gallagher vs Jonathan Hillman, 11-12 yr boys Ahmed Fatimi vs Aaron Carter, Senior Women fighting Tina Taylor vs Nina Ortiz, Women Lightweight Jennifer Yanoff vs Sue Brazelton, 15-17 yr boys Jason Tankson vs Hector Santiago, Jr., Youth Weapons Jennifer Santiago, Ashley Lane, Jimmy Pham, Gaspar Catanzaro Adult Weapons Richard Branden, Mike Chat, Michelle Boutin, Men Semi Fight Larry Tankson vs Anthony Price, Men Lightweight Tony Young vs Pedro Xavier, Men Heavy Mafia Holloway vs Jerry Roberts, Men Senior Anthony Price vs James Hobby, Youth Forms Jimmy Pham, Meadow Maze, Kinston Ng, Jennifer Santiago, Butch Marks, Jeff Ikejiri, Guy Burkett, Jonathan Hillman, Stefanie Flowers, Jeff Doss Women’s Forms Michelle Boutin, Mia Mawaku, Kellie Hausner, Suzann Wancket Men’s Forms Steve Torres, Richard Branden, Gabe Reynaga, Carmichael Simon, Mike Chat, Jon Valera Men’s Final Omar Olumee vs Anthony Price, Women’s Final fight Jennifer Yanoff vs Nina Ortiz, Men’s Overall Fight Mafia Holloway vs Anthony Price, Team Fight Team Olympic vs Bronx Pathways

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