The Best of Series Volume 19 2014

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Each DVD includes 2 hours of exciting footage from 2014

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The Best of Forms and Weapons Competition: Almost 2 hours of exciting action packed footage are included on this DVD with highlights from the Eliminations. The Ocean State Grand Nationals: Kieran Tamondong – Traditional Kata, Jacob Pinto – XMA Form, Jennifer Espina – XMA Bo, Sammy Smith – XMA Chucks, Jackson Rudolph – Trad. Bo. The Battle of Atlanta: Micayla Johnson – XMA Kamas, Jake Presley – XMA Bo, Michael Guthrie – XMA Form, Haley Glass – Trad. Sword, Mackensi Emory – XMA Form. The U.S. Open: Highlights from the Friday and Saturday Eliminations. The Capitol Classics: Haley Glass – Trad. Form, Emma Teo – XMA, Justin Chang – XMA Kata, Jackson Rudolph – XMA Bo, Sen Gao – Broadsword, Becca Ross – Trad. Form, Tyler Weaver – XMA Form. The Diamond Nationals: Terry Creamer – Tongfa Kata, Mike Welch – XMA Form, Aidan Kennedy – XMA, Sammy Smith – XMA Kata, Becca Ross – Trad Bo, Caitlin Dechelle XMA Sword and XMA Form, Tyler Weaver – XMA Kamas, Reid Presley – XMA Double Bo, Dayna Huor – XMA, Jacob Ellis – XMA, Stephen Grasz – Trad Sword, and Jeff Doss- Trad. Kata.

The Best of Tournament Fighting: Almost two hours of great fights! There are highlights from the Eliminations, and who knows we may have caught you on camera! The Ocean State Grand Nationals saw Raelynn Perkins take on Robin LeBuffe for the Women’s Overall Grand Championship. Next Level vs Team JPM for the Team Fighting Title. Justin Ortiz fought Zsolt Mordai for the Men’s Overall. At the Battle of Atlanta they showcased the Juniors, Jalen Carr vs Caleb Green in the boys and the girls featured Alex Pyles taking on Ally Montero, the Women’s Final match was between Chelsey Nash and Raelynn Perkins. The U.S. Open, Friday and Saturday Fighting Elims, and Highlights from the NAGA tournament and Sport MMA. The Capitol Classics has the Point MMA Finals between Marco Johnson and Amari Miller. The Women’s Overall was Nicole Pelland going against Morgan Plowden and in the Men’s Overall it was Justin Ortiz vs Ross Levine. Team Fighting featured Team Next Level and Team Impex. At the Diamond Nationals we see the Women’s Overall Grand Championship with Nicole Pelland and Robin LeBuffe. Raymond Daniels and Jack Felton fought for the Men’s Overall Point Fighting Grand Championship. Jack Felton also fought Justin Ortiz for the lightweight Super Fight title. Trevor Nash fought Raymond Daniels for the Heavyweight Super Fight Final.

The Best of Demo and Sync Teams: Almost two hours of video of some of the top Teams from around the world. The Ocean State Grand Nationals opening demo was by Matt Caito and Dante Rodriques. Demo Team Grand Champions K.I.C.K. Mark Anthony does a Breaking Demo, Sync Teams feature two JPM teams, Tyler Weaver and Mackensi Emory vs Kyle Montagna and Jackson Rudolph. The Battle of Atlanta begins with Demo & Sync Elims, next is the Opening Demo. Demo Team Champs K.I.C.K Team. Sync Forms had Team AmeriKick, with Derek Meegan and Jarrett Leiker facing Tyler Weaver and Mackensi Emory of JPM. The 720 Tricking contest hosted by Carmichael Simon and Jon Valera. The U.S. Open showcases the Breaking Eliminations. The U.S. Capitol Classics Finals start off with Team Sync, The Kahan Brothers vs Weaver & Emory of JPM. Demo Teams Infinity, & K.I.C.K. Master Ernie Reyes, Sr and the West Coast Action Demo Team. The Diamond Nationals Finals begin with a exciting opening Demo. Team Demo winner Infinity is up next, and Sync Teams feature Team National Karate, Team AmeriKick Cole & Reid Presley and JPM with Tyler Weaver & Mackensi Emory.

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