All 3 Best of Series Volume 8 2003

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Each DVD includes 2 hours of exciting footage from 2003


The Best of Forms and Weapons competition is almost two hours long and includes daytime Highlights and selected night time Grand Championship Katas from each of the National and International Tournaments we traveled to. Daytime highlights from the Bluegrass Nationals with these selected finals competitions: Jennifer Espina (weapons), Jalil Atlaschi (weapons), Taylor Lautner (weapons), DX (weapons), Caitlin Dechelle (forms), Nashandra Kissel (forms), Marc Canonizado (forms), Jake Strickland (forms), John Su (forms), Mike Welch (forms). Only daytime highlights from the U.S. Open. The Battle of Atlanta daytime highlights and nightime competitors Becca Ross (weapons), Jake Strickland (weapons), Matt Emig (weapons), John Su (weapons), Nikki Provost (forms), Jenny Johnson-Blanchard (forms), Casey Marks (forms), Steve Terada (forms). Highlights from the daytime at the Pan American Internationals and in the finals, Ross Levine (weapons), Ritchie Bichara (weapons), Terri Jacoby (weapons), Jonathan Boyd (weapons), Jennifer Espina (weapons), Caitlin Dechelle (weapons), Daniel Sterling (weapons), Lauren Kearney (weapons), Robbie Andreozzi (forms), Jake Strickland (forms), Andrew Cabilan (forms), Daniel Sterling (forms). Who knows you might find yourself in the highlights!

The Best of Tournament Fighting: Almost 2 hours of nothing but knock outs, knock downs and awesome techniques. On this 2003 Volume 8 Best of Tournament Fighting tape. All footage is from National and International Karate Championships. Included on this video are: Bluegrass Nationals, Daytime highlights, Alex Lane vs Ryan McGriff, Team WKF vs Velocity, Nancy Price vs Nicole. IAKSA World Kickboxing Championships, Russia vs Italy and Stephen Thompson(USA) vs Geert Lemmen (Germany) in Full Contact Kickboxing Matches, Al Szafranski (USA) vs Nicole Trimmel (Austria), Claire Cocozza (Canada) vs Sarah Harris (USA), Alex Lane (USA) vs Conor Carr (Ireland), Jeromy Roque (USA) vs Pierre Klampfl (Austria), Preston Clements (USA) vs Craig Foster (Scotland) in Semi-contact Matches also Italy vs Russia in a Light Contact Match. We have included Daytime Highlights from the U.S.Open. The Battle of Atlanta with daytime highlights and Claire Cocozza vs Dottie White, Jadi Tention vs Angel Huerta. Daytime highlights from the Pan American Internationals with these fights from the finals, Nicole Costales vs Nicole Provost, Jeromy Roque vs Charlie Herrea, Team Pro-Rank vs Team Venezuela in Men’s Team fighting, in Jr. Team fighting there was a match between WKF vs Chovanic Team, Preston Clements vs Yoskar Games. Along with many other people, who knows our cameras may have caught you on tape!

The Best of Tournament Demo Teams: Almost two (2) Hours of the Top performers from around the globe show what makes them the best of the best. All footage is from National and International Karate Championship. From the Bluegrass Nationals comes the opening Demo by Team SideKick. In Team Demos Team Charlie Lee Karate went against K.I.C.K. Team, in Sync Team Forms it was Team Charlie Lee Karate vs Team John Paul Mitchell. The next tournament is the Battle of Atlanta with an great opening demo done to the Matrix theme. Team Demos again pitted Team Charlie Lee Karate against K.I.C.K. Team. A special Demo with Kim Do called Kim Do’s Corner. Next came Team Sync Forms with Team Straight Up competing with Team Paul Mitchell. The Xtreme Martial Arts challenge was next and it was unbelieveable, you will just have to see it to believe it. The Pan American Internationals was a new AAA NASKA event and they put on a great show, the opening Demo was performed by Lee Barden the Neon Knight, Team Sync Forms had a all Sansei crowd with Sansei Team 1 competing against Sansei Team 2.

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