All 3 Best of Series Volume 6 2001

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Each DVD includes 2 hours of exciting footage from 2001


The Best of Forms and Weapons competition is almost two hours long and includes daytime Highlights and selected night time Grand Championship Katas from each of the National and International Tournaments we traveled to. Included are the following people competing in the Grand Championships: Matt Emig, Steve Terada, Ming Liu, Li Pei Yun (Broad Sword & Whip Chain), Lauren Kearney, Jessica Mellon, Caitlin Dechelle, James Solis, April D’Allasandra, Jason Tankson Bourelly, Anthony Atkins, Rachel Margalit, Jessica Greenhalgh, Kalman Csoka, Wayne Dalglish, Alex Davydov, Adam Margalit, Karen Belanger, Daniel Lee, Daniel Sterling, Rudy Reynon, Marc Canonizado, Jessica Anderson, Gemma Nguyen, Nicki Bruscino, Qui Dong Xin (Forms and Weapons), John Su, Alexandra Szafranski, Casey Marks, Marco Johnson, Nick Begley, There are many more in the highlights portion, who knows you might find yourself there!

The Best of Tournament Fighting: 2 hours of nothing but knock outs, knock downs and awesome techniques. All footage is from National and International Karate Championship. Included on this video are: Dottie White vs Claire Cocozza, Mike Pombeiro vs Jason Tankson Bourelly, Raymond Daniels vs Ben Stewart, Ronald Brady vs Jason Tankson Bourelly, Jadi Tention vs Ninja, Uechi-Ryu Heavyweight Kumite (Full Contact), Miami Vice vs Straight Up (Youth Team Fighting), Casey Marks vs Dottie White, Nicco vs Jared Styles (Youth Fighting), Cody Reese vs Nathan Windsor (Youth Fighting), Russ Taylor vs Reggie Perry, Shaun Elder vs Dean Fuenstenburg, Jason Tankson Bourelly vs Reggie Perry, Damon Gilbert vs Jason Tankson Bourelly, Team Magnum Force vs Team Paul Mitchell, Along with many other people, who knows our cameras may have caught you on tape!

The Best of Tournament Demo Teams: Two (2) Hours of the Top performers from around the globe show what makes them the best of the best. All footage is from National and International Karate Championship. Team Charlie Lee, Team Paul Mitchell, Team Excellence, Xtreme Martial Arts Competition, Team Side Kick, Team Straight Up, Mark Sheuy and Anthony Gallo Demo, Team Better Attitude Makers, Grand Master Roy Williams, Ph.D. Blacklight Demo, Cardio Kickboxing Demo.

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