All 3 Best of Series Volume 17 2012

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Each DVD includes 2 hours of exciting footage from 2012


The Best of Forms and Weapons Competition: Almost 2 hours of exciting action packed footage are included on this DVD with highlights from the Eliminations and selected Katas from the Grands of each event. The Ocean State Grand Nationals: Highlights from the Eliminations and from the WAKO Team Trials, Aidan Considine – XMA Forms, Sammy Smith – XMA Weapons. The Gator Nationals: Danny Etkin – XMA Weapons, Marc Canonizado – XMA Form. The U.S. Open World Karate Championships: Highlights from the Eliminations The Capitol Classics: Dallas Liu – XMA Form, Audrie Donihoo – Traditional Weapons, Matt Emig – XMA Weapons, Jarrett Leiker – Trad. Forms The Diamond Nationals: Tyler Weaver – XMA Forms, Brendan Rasinski – Trad Forms, Jennifer Espina – XMA Weapons, Caitlin Dechelle – Trad Sword, Becca Ross – XMA Bo Staff, Stephen Grasz – Trad Katana, Jackson Rudolph – XMA Bo, Matt Emig – XMA Forms, Drew Derrick-Bisbee – Trad Forms. Included are highlights of the Eliminations from each tournament. Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

The Best of Tournament Fighting: Almost two hours of great fights, including point, continuous and team fighting matches. There are highlights from the Eliminations and entire selected Grands fights from each event. The Ocean State has Verona Soliman vs Chelsey Nash, Ross Levine vs Alex Lane & Jason Bourelly vs Hamed Firouzi. The Gator Nationals saw John Curatolo take on Kyle Robbins & Ross Levine vs Hamed Firouzi. At the U.S. Open we have Point Fighting, a exciting new division called Clash Sparring and Highlights from the NAGA tournament. The Capitol Classics has Morgan Plowden vs Nicole Pelland, Jadi Tention went against Ross Levine, Also a new division was debuted called Point MMA with Marco Johnson taking on Amari Miller in a two round fight for the first ever Point MMA Champion! Diamond Nationals saw Chelsey Nash fight Claire Cocozza, Kodaq Wray fought a tough battle with Zsolt Moradi, Troy Sexton vs Elias Lemon, BJ Carnahan vs Elias Lemon for the Heavyweight SuperFight Final and Jack Felton took on Hamed Firouzi for the lightweight title. Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

The Best of Tournament Demo and Sync Teams: Almost two hours of the top Teams from around the world. We start off at the Ocean State Grand Nationals with the Sync & Demo Team Eliminations, JPM Sync Team, The Hyper Games Trick Contest. At the Gator Nationals the Sync Forms & Demo Teams Eliminations, K.I.C.K. Team & Team Intensity, next a Chanbara Fighting Demo followed by Sync Teams with Team Tiger & Crane Goju taking on Team JPM. At the U.S. Open we have Breaking Demo Eliminations. The Capitol Classics includes a special opening demo, and then Team Sync where Team Infinity went against Team AKA Force. Demo Team winners Team Infinity performed. A y Special Demo by Tayari Casel and a special Rope Dart Demo. Next up a special Tribute to Grand Master Jhoon Rhee. The Diamond Nationals started off with Team Infinity the Demo Team Grand Champions, followed by Team Sync with Team Infinity, the Sweeney Sisters and Team JPM.

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