All 3 Best of Series Volume 15 2010

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Each DVD includes 2 hours of exciting footage from 2010


The Best of Forms and Weapons Competition: Included on this DVD are highlights from the Eliminations and selected Katas from the Grands. Let’s start off with the Ocean State: Kyle Montagna Traditional Forms, Sammy Smith CMX Forms, Cole Eckert CMX Bo, Rudy Reynon Men’s Forms. Next is the Gator Nationals held on Daytona Beach: Audrie Donihoo CMX Sword, Nikki Stanley Trad. Forms and Mickey Lee Men’s Forms. The Capitol Classics: The Eliminations are included on this DVD, as they were not on the Tournament DVD, Sammy Smith Trad. Bo, Audrie Donihoo Trad. Sword, Ricky Morris CMX Bo, Zhang Bao Chinese Open Weapons, Tammy Lee Chinese Open Forms, and Jennifer Espina CMX Bo. The Diamond Nationals: Kalman Csoka CMX Sword, Becca Ross CMX Bo, Stephanie Figueroa CMX Weapons, Becca Ross CMX Forms, William Cornell Trad. Forms. Also included the US Open Friday and Saturday Eliminations. Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

The Best of Tournament Fighting: Almost two hours of great fights, including point, continuous and team fighting matches. There are highlights from the Eliminations and entire selected Grands fights. Include from The Ocean State includes Jason Bourelly vs Mike Pombeiro, and Team USA’s Alex Lane vs Team Europe’s Zvonko Gribi. The Gator Nationals: Youth Team Fighting got it’s spotlight on stage with, Team MMA taking on Team Velocity. In the Women’s Super Fight final it was Morgan Plowden vs Nicolle Pelland. The Capitol Classics includes the Fighting Eliminations which were not on the tournament DVD. In the Lightweight Super Fight Finals it was Anthony Merricks against D’Andre Walker, In the Heavyweight Super Fight Travis Plowden took on Greg Betlach. Alex Lane was matched up with Greg Betlach for the Men’s Final. The Diamond Nationals includes Chelsey Nash against Melanie Ortiz for the Women’s Grand. In the Men’s Final it was Ryan McGriff vs Raymond Daniels in a great match. The Lightweight Super Fights was one of the most exciting matches of the year! Hamed Firouzi took on Jason Bourelly in a match that saw a 10 minute overtime to decide the winner. Also included are Highlights from the 2010 US Open, with continuous, point and a look at the new division of Sport JuJitsu and the Breaking Eliminations. Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

The Best of Tournament Demo and Sync Teams: Almost two hours of the top Teams from around the world. We start off at the Ocean State Grand Nationals with the Demo Team Champions, Team 100%. At the Gator Nationals in Team Demos there is the K.I.C.K. Team , Sync Teams saw Team Velocity and Team JPM go head to head. The Capitol Classics includes the Demo Team Eliminations, A special opening demo of the Dragon Dance, in Team Sync there are Team JPM Black (Matt Emig & Austin Crain), The Kahan Brothers, JPM White (Caitlin Dechelle & Marc Canonizado, Also a very Special Tai Chi Demo from Master Dennis Brown’s Tai Chi instructor, who was visiting from China, A Kung Fu Demo from Gau Ga Demo Team, Demo Teams Creative Martial Arts & Team 100%, A Breaking Demo and the Extreme Tricking Contest with youth and adult individual competition along with a team battle. The Diamond Nationals started off with a special demo from Side Swipe followed by Team Infinity, The Submission Hunt, Team Sync with Team FSU, JPM White and Team A.K.A. Also included as a bonus are the US Open Demo and Team Sync Forms



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