All 3 Best of Series Volume 14 2009


Each DVD includes 2 hours of exciting footage from 2009


The Best of Tournament Forms and Weapons Competition: Included on this DVD are highlights from the Eliminations and selected Katas from the Grands. Let’s start off with the Compete Nationals: Sammy Smith Extreme Chucks, Ryan Wells Traditional Bo, Sammy Suddeth XMA Bo, Tyler Weaver, Jr. XMA Empty Hand Form, Jessica Brew and Andrew Cabilan Traditional Forms. At the Ocean State: Dayna Huor, Becca Ross, and Tyrei Brown XMA Forms, Sammy Smith Traditional Bo, Jennifer Espina Traditional Kata and Marc Canonizado Extreme Sword. Next is the Gator Nationals held on Daytona Beach: Cole Eckert Trad. Bo, Austin Crain Extreme Kamas, Audrey Donihoo XMA Sword, Kalman Csoka Extreme Double Swords, Caitlin Dechelle Extreme Form, Joe Anon and Drew Derek-Bisbee Executive Men’s Trad. Katas, Scott Wu Trad. Kata. The Diamond Nationals: Amanda Chen Trad. Kata, Nikki Stanley Extreme Form, Ross Levine XMA Bo Staff, Mackensi Emory Extreme Kamas, Cole Eckert XMA Bo, Stephanie Figueroa Trad. Bo, Marc Canonizado XMA Form, William Cornell, III Trad. Form and Marcel Jones Extreme Form. Also included the US Open XMA Tricks Eliminations. Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

The Best of Tournament Fighting: Almost two hours of great fights, including point, continuous and team fighting matches. There are highlights from the Eliminations and entire selected Grands fights. Include from the Compete Nationals: Willie Hick vs Jack Felton, Jack vs Ross Levine for over all. Ross vs Sylvester Youngblood and Tara Van Deusen vs Marissa Mayer. The Ocean State includes Nicole Pelland vs Marissa Mayer, Team USA vs Team Europe and Men’s Finals Harald Schmidt vs Ross Levine. The Gator Nationals: The girls and boys got to fight on stage with, Melanie Ortiz vs Felicia Marcial, Dylan Suarez vs Andrew Schmetzer, Ernesto Valdez vs Alex Vargara. In the Women’s final Katie Smith takes on Jessica Robeson, Men’s Final has Ross vs Jason Bourelly and in Team fighting it is Full Circle vs Velocity. The Diamond Nationals includes Chelsey Nash against Sue Lomasney for the Women’s Grand. In the Men’s Final it was Jason Bourelly vs Raymond Daniels in a classic match. The Super Fights saw Ross Levine take on Raymond Daniels in a very exciting match. Hamed Firouzi vs Elias Lemon with a back and forth match. Also included are Highlights from the 2009 US Open, with continuous, point and a look at the NAGA Championships. Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

The Best of Tournament Demos and Sync Teams: Almost two hours of the top Teams from around the world. We start off at the Compete Nationals with the under belt champions, All Belt Demo Team competitors Red Dragon Karate and Team Youshock. In the Blackbelt demo team division it was Team Compete against Team All Star. For Sync Forms we have Team Tru-Hero vs Team Amerkick. At the Ocean State: Team 100% was the Demo Team Grand Champs, Sync Forms Champs were Team John Paul Mitchell and also a special Sword Demo. At the Gator Nationals in Team Demos it was Team Fla Sport Martial Arts, Team Talent and K.I.C.K. Team. In Sync Forms there were several teams, Intensity, Straight Up, K.I.C.K., and JPM. The Diamond Nationals started off with a special demo from Side Swipe followed by Team Infinity Martial Arts and 100 Percent Performance going head to head in the Demo Team Grands. Team Pro Rank, JPM and Team AKA Classic fought it out for the Sync Forms Grand. Also included as a bonus are the US Open Demo, Sync Forms and Breaking Divisions Eliminations.

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