All 3 Best of Series Volume 13 2008


Each DVD includes 2 hours of exciting footage from 2008


This includes extended daytime Highlights and selected nighttime Grand Championship Katas. From the Ocean State Grand Nationals: Sammy Smith Extreme Kata, Tiffany Larsen Traditional, Scott Wu Traditional, Marcel Jones Extreme, Matt Emig Extreme Form, Terry Jacoby Extreme Bo Staff, Ross Levine Extreme Bo, and Lauren Kearney Traditional Bo. From the Gator Nationals: Cole Eckert Extreme Bo, Gio Gonzalaz Traditional Bo, Sammy Vasquez Extreme Chucks, Katie Smith Traditional Kata, Marc Canonizado Extreme, and Andrew Perez Traditional Form. The Diamond Nationals: Austin Crain Extreme Kata, Rudy Reynon Extreme, Kalman Csoka Extreme Sword, Mackensei Emory Extreme Kamas, William Cornell Traditional Form and Josh Kahan Extreme Kata. Also included as a bonus are highlights from The Daytime of the U. S. Open, who knows our cameras may have caught you!

The Best of Tournament Fighting: Almost 2 hours of nothing but knock outs, knockdowns and awesome techniques. On this 2008 Volume 13 Best of Tournament Fighting DVD, all footage is from National and International Karate Championships. Included on this video are Daytime Elimination highlights along with selected entire nighttime grand championships fights: From the Ocean State Grand Nationals: Tag Team Challenge with Team USA vs Team Canada, A new style of fighting called Hybrid Fighting, Women’s Sparring with Marissa Mayer vs Chelsey Nash, Hamed Firouzi taking in Alex Lane in the Lightweight Semi Final match also in the Heavyweight Semi there is Ross Levine vs Damon Gilbert. The Gator Nationals: Girls Tag Team, Boys Tag Team, Damian Rodriquez vs Joey Greenhalgh for the Men’s Grand and in the Women’s Grand Dottie goes against Katie Smith. From the Diamonds: Women’s Final Chelsey Nash vs Lauren Kosrow, Men’s Superfight Lightweight final had Hamed Firouzi against Elias Lemon and in Heavyweight there is Ross Levine vs Brian Ruth. Also included as a bonus are highlights from The Daytime of the U.S. Open. Along with many other people, who knows our cameras may have caught you on tape!

The Best of Demo and Sync Teams: This DVD will showcase some of the top performers from around the globe showing what makes them the best of the best. From the Ocean State Grand Nationals we have the Tiger Claw Elite Performance Champions, Sync Demo Champs Team AKA and Demo Tam Grand Champions Team 100% Performance. The Gator Nationals there was a Special Demo, a Chanbara Demo, Sync Forms there is Team Florida Sport Martial Arts and Team Straight Up. At the Diamond Nationals we have included the opening Demo performed by the Natiuonal Karate Demo Team, Demo Teams were Team Infinity and Team AKA. There were three teams in Sync, Team Evolution, Team Full circle and Team AKA Blade

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