2019 U. S. Open World Martial Arts Championships


Highlights from the Eliminations and the night finals

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2019 U. S. Open World Martial Arts Championships Tournament 2 DVDs set DVD #1 ESPN2 Show #1 Demo Teams: Team Chip vs Team Competitive Edge (W) Men’s Team Sparring: Proper vs Impex (W) 14-17 Girls CMX Weapons: Avery Presley (W) Highlights from Kasai Submission Super Series Sync Weapons: Competitive Edge vs Paul Mitchell (W) Men’s CMX Forms: Will Nevlit, Reid Presley (W) Women’s Weapons: Mary Amato, Sammy Smith, Mackensi Emory (W) ESPN2 Show #2 Sync Team Forms: Team Infinity (W) and Team AKA Men’s Traditional Forms: Joey Castro vs Ariel Torres (W) Women’s CMX Forms: Mackensi Emory (W) Men’s Open Weight Sparring: Bailey Murphy vs Elijah Everill (W) Women’s Punok Form: Sandra Sanchez (W) ISKA Breaking Highlights 14-17 Boys Weapons: Jake Presley (W) Men’s Weapons: Shahin Jahanvash, Reid Presley, Jackson Rudolph (W) ESPN2 Extras 14-17 Boys CMX Forms: SaIef Celiz, Caio DaSilva, Mason Stowell (W) 14-17 Boys Weapons: Esteban Tremblay, Connor Chasteen ITF Continuous Challenge: Axel Vargas vs Ackeem Anthony Lawrence(W) Women’s Open Weight Sparring: Gaby Cunhaus vs Morgan Plowden (W) Adam Grogin World Record Break 14-17 Girls CMX Weapons: Noell Jellison (W), Olivia Rando, Megan Butterfield Women’s Punok Form: Sakar Kokumai Punok Traditional Kumite: Matias Rodriguez vs Javier Arteaga (W) DVD #2: Highlights from Friday & Saturday Events Forms & Weapons, Team Fighting and Point Fighting, Sync & Demo Teams, Clash Sparring, Punok Highlights, Sport MMA, Kasai Super Series Submission, Friday and Saturday Breaking Each DVD is almost 2 and half hours in length Who knows we may have caught you on camera!

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