2017 Volume 22 The Best Of Tournament Fighting – Sparring


Two hours of nothing but knockouts, knock downs and awesome techniques.


Over two hours of great fights! Who knows we may have caught you on camera! U.S. Open: Clash and Continuous sparring, Point Fighting and Team Fighting Eliminations, Self Defense Divisions and Sport MMA U.S. Capitol Classics: Team Fighting Eliminations, Jasmine Kitterman vs Chiara Daturi (w),Chris Gorham (w) vs Willie Hicks, Mathieu Williams vs Avery Plowden (w), Team Fighting Next Level vs Impex (w) Diamond Nationals: Team Fighting Eliminations, Team Fighting Final: Hayabusa vs Paul Mitchell, Raelynn Perkins vs Ki’Tana Everett (w),Kevin Walker (w) vs Justin Ortiz, Tamas Imre (w) vs Brayan Rodriguez

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