2017 U. S. Capitol Classics


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Opening Dragon Dance, National Anthem, Little Dragons Tai Chi Demo. Sync Forms: Team Paul Mitchell (W) and Team Amerikick 13 under Forms: Paige Galbrath, Aidan Kennedy (W), Alfonso Santos, Olivia Rando 14/17 Forms: Trinity Davis, Derek Meegan, Aidan Considine (W), Mary Amato 13 under Weapons: Aidan Kennedy (W), Avery Presley, Kendall Madine, Mason Bumba 14/17 Forms: Julia Plawker, Trinity Davis, Jake Presley (W), Derek Meegan. Master Brown Getting Proclamation, China Open Weapons and Forms , Internal Martial Arts, Monkey Form Demo Women Fighting: Jasmine Kitterman vs Chiaru Dituri (W) Men Lightweight Final: Willie Hicks vs Chris Corham Men Heavyweight: Mathieu Williams vs Avery Plowden (W) Team Competitive Edge Demo Teams Men’s CMX Forms: Reid Presley (W), Cameron Whorton, Justin Chang. Master Dennis Brown Inducted into Hall of Fame. Women Forms: Ashley Bartlett, Melissa Baillargeon (W), Jeweliana Ramos, Sammy Smith Men Traditional Forms: Jake Kahan, Zar Sucarotte, Andrew Cabilan, Joey Castro (W) Women Weapons:  Sammy Smith, Jeweliana Ramos, Melissa Baillargeon (W) Men Weapons: Dennis, Jackson Rudolph (W), Shahin Jahanvash, Reid Presley, Cole Presley Team Fighting: Next Level vs Impex (W) Also include highlights from the Eliminations! This DVD is 2 and half hours long.

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