2016 U. S. Capitol Classics


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Sync Forms: Team NMAC and Paul Mitchell (W) 13 under Forms: Kaylee Kakac, Mason Stowell (W), Olivia Rando 14/17 Forms: Derek Meegan, Melissa Baillargeon (W), Aidan Considine, Isabella Caracta 13 under Weapons: Jake Presley (W), Maya Runkle, Makayla Francisco 14/17 Forms: Melissa Baillargeon, Danny Etkin (W), Derek Meegan, Kiki Okubo Escrima Demo with Master Dan Medina, China Open Weapons and Forms Women Fighting: Lilbeth Robles vs Morgan Plowden (W) Men Lightweight Final: Willie Hicks (W) vs Kevin Walker Men Heavyweight: Mathieu Williams vs Jason Genier (W) Team Fearless Demo Teams, Michael Wax, Continuous Sparring: Amari Miller (W) vs Colbey Oakley Breaking Demo, Hype Games, Self Defense Demo Women Forms: Becca Ross, Alyssa Lipshay, Sammy Smith (W) Men Traditional Forms: John Paul Panzizza, Ariel Torres (W) Women Weapons: Alyssa Lipshay, Sammy Smith (W), Becca Ross Men CMX Forms: Cole Presley, John Paul Panzizza, Reid Presley (W) Team Fighting: KToC vs Impex (W) Men Weapons: Jackson Rudolph, Cole Presley, Shahin Jahanvash, Reid Presley (W), Jorge Perez Breaking. Also Highlights from the Eliminations

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