2015 Vol. 20 Best of Demonstration Teams


Two (2) hours of Demo teams from all over the world


Almost two hours of video of some of the top Teams from around the world. The Gator Nationals: A new division called Teen Weapons/Forms Challenge, Demo Team winner Team Intensity, Sync Forms Team Emig Vs Team Paul Mitchell. The Battle of Atlanta: The Opening Demo by Competitive Edge, Team Demo winner Infinity, Sync Team had JPM Forms vs JPM Weapons. The U.S. Open: The Breaking Eliminations. The U.S. Capitol Classics: Team Sync Team Fearless vs Team Emig,Tai Chi Demo by Sun & Moon, Demo Team winner Team Fearless, The Hyper Tricking Battle. The Twin Towers Classic: Opening Demo Team Impulse The Diamond Nationals: Opening Demo, Team Demo winner Infinity, Sync Teams Kesshin, Paul Mitchell, and AKA

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