2015 Battle of Atlanta


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


The 2015 Battle of Atlanta Grand Championships opened with an amazing Demo by Competitive Edge. The National Anthem was performed by JAGMAC. Team Demo winner Infinity performed. 13 under Weapons: Haley Glass, Kieran Tamondong, and winner Romani Alieca. 14 – 17 Forms: Sammy Smith, Mary Amato, Allen Davies and winner Derek Meegan. Sync Foms Featured two teams from Paul Mitchell with the weapons team winning. 13 under Forms: Noell Jellison, Mason Stowell, Jessica Moyher & winner Kieran Tamondong. 14-17 Weapons: Sammy Smith, Melissa Baillargeon & winner Jackson Rudolph. Youth Team Fighting: Straight Up (W) vs Velocity The Battle Zone Main Event Hosted by Carmichael Simon and Ernest Miller was opened by an exciting demo by the Hyper Competition Campers! Next JAGMAC performed one their songs. The Master Forms Challenge first Quarter Final Matches: Reid Presley vs Kyle Montagna, and Becca Ross vs Stephannie Figueroa. The Battle Zone 3 man Team Fighting 1st Semi: Impex vs WKF. The second Quarter Finals for the Forms: Tyler Weaver vs Shahin Jahanvash and Jarrett Leiker vs Jeff Doss. Next the second Semi Final Team Fight: Paul Mitchell vs Velocity. JAGMAC performed another song and then Semi Finals of the Master Forms Challenge: Reid Presley vs Stephannie Figueroa and Tyler Weaver vs Jarrett Leiker. The Co-Main event: The Finals of the Battle Zone 3-man Team Fighting featuring Paul Mitchell vs Impex with Paul Mitchell coming out on top to win the Title. The Main event was the Master Forms Challenge Final Match with Jarrett Leiker competing against Reid Presley. Reid Presley would get the call and the Title was his! Also are highlights from the Eliminations and the entire Friday Night Fights. Who knows we may have caught you on camera! Ernie Reyes, Jr interviewed the Master Forms Challenge competitors before they performed.

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