2014 Diamond Nationals


Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


Demo Team Winner: Infinity Demo Team from Wisconsin Women’s sparring Diamonds Challenge: Robyn LeBuffe vs Nikki Pelland – (Winner: Robyn LeBuffe. Super Fight Finals: Light Weight: Justin Ortiz vs Jack Felton (Winner Jack Felton); Heavyweight: Raymond Daniels vs Trevor Nash – (Winner: Raymond Daniels) 30+ Men and Women Weapons and Forms Overall Diamond Ring Challenge: Terry Creamer, Catherine Miller, Michael Welch – (Winner: Michael Welch) Youth 13 & Under Form Overall Grand Championships: Aidan Kennedy, Emma Teo, Kieran Tamondong, Jae Sweeny – (Winner: Kieran Tamondong) Youth 14-17 Form Overall Grand Championships: Sammy Smith, Sage Sweeny, Jacob Pinto, Justin Chang – (Winner: Jacob Pinto) Women’s Overall Weapons Diamond Ring Challenge: Yushitta Murillo, Becca Ross, Caitlin Dechelle  (Winner Caitlin Dechelle) Men’s Overall Weapons Diamond Ring Diamond Challenge: Stephen Grasz, Shahin Jahanvash, Tyler Weaver, Reid Presley (Winner: Reid Presley) JPM Synchronized Team Form Championships: National Karate Brooklyn Park, AmeriKick Weapons & Team JPM with Tyler Weaver and Mackensi Emory (Winner: AmeriKick Weapons) Youth Black Belt 13 & Under Boys and Girls Overall Weapons Grand Championship Haley Glass, Keilia Okubo, Jake Presley (Winner: Jake Presley) Youth Black Belt 14-17 Boys and Girls Overall Weapons Grand Championships Jackson Rudolph, Sage Sweeny, Sammy Smith (Winner: Jackson Rudolph) Women’s Overall Form Diamond Ring Challenge: Becca Ross, Dayna Huor, Caitlin Dechelle (Winner: Caitlin Dechelle) Men’s Sparring Diamond Ring Challenge: Raymond Daniels, Jack Felton: (Winner- Raymond Daniels) Men’s Overall Form Diamond Ring Challenge: Michael Guthrie, Tyler Weaver, Jacob Ellis, Stephen Grasz, Jeff Doss: (Winner: Tyler Weaver) Also included are Highlights from the Eliminations

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