2013 Battle of Atlanta

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Highlights from the Eliminations and entire night finals


The Battle of Atlanta is one of the world’s premiere karate tournaments, a NASKA 5A Rated tournament, also sanctioned by Professional Karate Association, Pro Am Sport Karate Assoc, and The All-Star Karate League. It is also the home of The Extreme Warrior Challenge! This year’s tournament opened with an amazing Demo, leading into the Sync Forms with 3 teams, Jarrett & Derek, JPM & Team Bring It pulling out the win! Eight fighters entered the quarter finals of the Extreme Warrior Challenge: Pablo Moreno, Zsolt Moradi, Laszlo Gombos, Justin Ortiz, Jack Felton, Charles Prescott and it came down to Ross Levine vs Raymond Daniels and after a very hard fought battle Raymond was able to hold off Ross and take the Extreme Warrior Challenge Belt and the check for $5,000! 13 under Weapons:  Dallas Liu, Sage Sweeney, Emma Teo & winner Derek Meegan 13 under Forms: Haley Glass, Derek Meegan, Sage Sweeney & winner Dallas Liu 14 – 17 Weapons & Forms: Sammy Smith, Jackson Rudolph, Reid Presley won Weapons & Gigi Valdivia won the Forms Division 10 – 11 Boys Sparring: Camden Neal vs Dallas Liu who was the winner Women’s Weapons: Stephanie Figueroa, Micayla Johnson, Becca Ross, Jennifer Espina, Caitlin Dechelle & the winner Casey Nash Women’s Forms: Becca Ross, Casey Nash, Stephanie Figueroa and the winner Caitlin Dechelle Women’s Sparring: Kelsey Friedlander vs Chelsey Nash who was the winner Men’s Weapons: Geo Leon, Drew Derrick-Bisbee, Kyle Montagna, Austin Crain & the winner Sen Gao Men’s Forms: Sen Gao, Geo Leon Austin Crain, Steven So, Drew Derrick-Bisbee and the winner Jarrett Leiker

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