2012 Vol. 17 Best of Demonstration Teams


Two (2) hours of Demo teams from all over the world


Almost two hours of the top Teams from around the world. We start off at the Ocean State Grand Nationals with the Sync & Demo Team Eliminations, JPM Sync Team, The Hyper Games Trick Contest. At the Gator Nationals the Sync Forms & Demo Teams Eliminations, K.I.C.K. Team & Team Intensity, next a Chanbara Fighting Demo followed by Sync Teams with Team Tiger & Crane Goju taking on Team JPM. At the U.S. Open we have Breaking Demo Eliminations. The Capitol Classics includes a special opening demo, and then Team Sync where Team Infinity went against Team AKA Force.Demo Team winners Team Infinity performed. A y Special Demo by Tayari Casel and a special Rope Dart Demo. Next up a special Tribute to Grand Master Jhoon Rhee. The Diamond Nationals started off with Team Infinity the Demo Team Grand Champions, followed by Team Sync with Team Infinity, the Sweeney Sisters and Team JPM.

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